Life Is Ergodic But Time Is Inadequate

Let me propose to you that life is ergodic but time is inadequate. Of course I will explain.

You see, life is an ensemble of processes and events. Processes are actions over time. Events happen at a time. Successes and failures are events, otherwise are processes. Processes culminate in successes or failures. Given enough time, you will fail and you will succeed. This is the ergodicity of life.

Ergodicity guarantees both failure and success, which are integral parts of life. Failure is undesirable but success is desirable. The time available to a single life, however, is insufficient to guarantee success from random processes. To succeed, you have to be intentional about your processes.

Take actions, be consistent, and be patient. While time fails ergodicity to guarantee your success, the available time, combined with productive actions, consistency and patience, is more than enough for you to succeed.