Receive Naira & Send Money to Canadian Account with Lemonade

It is with great excitement that we bring this news to you!

You can now receive money from Nigeria into your Lemonade account within minutes via a unique virtual bank account. Update your app to enjoy this new feature!

How to receive naira:

  • Create an NGN wallet by clicking on ‘Open Account’

  • Click on ‘Add Funds’ on the newly created NGN wallet

  • A virtual bank account is generated for you

  • Copy the virtual bank account and transfer money into it via your Nigerian bank app. Select PAGA as the receiving bank.

  • Value reflects in your Lemonade NGN wallet under 10 minutes

You can also now instantly send money from your Lemonade wallet to your Canadian bank account via our Interac payout.
How to send to Canadian bank:

  • Click on the ‘Send Money’ button

  • Select the source wallet and set the destination account to CAD

  • Enter the receiver’s Interac email address

  • Follow the steps and that’s it!

You can read more about these new features on our blog - Receive money from Nigeria
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